NEW!!! MORE POWER!!! Now with 50 Billion CFUs. Probiotic Maximum Strength Supplement is made to help you achieve optimum health, lose weight and regain balance in your body by giving it the support it needs to naturally recover itself from the inside. These 50 Billion CFU Probiotics with 15 Key Strains restore the balance of healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and comes in a variety of forms to make sure that your digestive, urinary and immune systems are operating the way they should be.


Using our delayed-release capsules, we make sure that these probiotic 50 CFU capsules safely transfer the healthy bacteria to your gut to help expel toxins, regain balance and prevent you from feeling bloated, gassy, and tired. 


These weight loss and immune support supplement capsules give your immune system and digestive tract the support they need to protect the body and keep it in operating in optimal conditions. 


The result is healthier and more physically and mentally energetic body for an active and healthy lifestyle.


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Maximum Strength Probiotic Supplement - Broad Spectrum, 50 Billion CFU



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